We commit our resources to the acquisition of employees of peerless talent.

Management Advisors Executive Search is a full-service executive search firm specializing in Mortgage Banking, Financial Services and Banking. We position ourselves as a broad-based strategic partner and offer quality prospective candidates an opportunity to be networked into our client contacts in a confidential and discrete manner.

Management Advisors Service Practice is proud of our 4 decade of national success in executive search. This tradition of strategic search partnerships in the financial services industry has honed our skills and built our reputation as the experts in recruiting senior financial services candidates.

Such skills are especially important in today’s marketplace, where competition to gain experienced professionals who are strong leaders and global visionaries is fierce. Management Advisors successfully partners with Mortgage Banking Brokers / Dealers, Investment Advisors, Mutual Fund Companies, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Insurance Companies and Corporate and Commercial Banks.

Our expertise in compliance / legal, operations, sales management, corporate finance, structured finance, capital markets, private banking and wealth management, adds immediate value for our clients when developing search plans for executive assignments. Our non-transactional, consultative approach to search execution coupled with our commitment to evolving industry specializations assures Management Advisors’ clients a high return on their investments.

Our Financial Service Practice is a coalition of former industry professionals who understand your business and the type of talent you are seeking. Working together as peers enhances our ability to secure the best available talent in the industry. We have a collective track record of placing thousands of professionals from President to staff levels with the nation’s top financial institutions.

Our Financial Services Practice has successfully completed searches for the following positions:

  • Lift Outs
  • Acquisitions


We are a different kind of search firm, and our name says it all. Management Advisors is an executive search advisor. We initiate searches with on-site visits to perform an analysis of your company and the available position, striving to understand all we can about your company’s history, its strategic objectives, its people, and culture. This in-depth perspective positions us to be a true and valuable extension of your company and its management team. We believe our job is not just to fill a position, but to fulfill your company’s long-term goals by delivering the most ideally suited person… thereby creating synergy among your company, your staff and your new hire.

When you choose to work with us, you will see that our Managing Directors and Account Executives are experienced in both their own skill set as well as very familiar with the ones that you are seeking. Over the years, our team has developed a specialized network of skilled leaders in the industries we specialize in. This solid network of contacts allows us to filter through the pool of talent more quickly than others to find you the perfect fit.

Management Advisors consistently provides clients the individualized personal attention that builds lasting relationships. We select our clients as carefully and thoughtfully as they select us. This client-focused strategy significantly broadens your / our access to executive talent, accelerating search progress and providing our clients greater options.

Flexibility to utilize either contingency or retainer search to appropriately fit the position, as well as the client need, differentiates our firm from others. We act as an extension of your company and commit ourselves to the acquisition of employees of peerless talent by taking a systemic approach to the executive search process.