We commit our resources to the acquisition of employees of peerless talent.

Management Advisors Executive Search is a full-service executive search firm specializing in Financial Services, Banking, Mortgage Banking and Healthcare. We position ourselves as a broad-based strategic partner and offer quality prospective candidates an opportunity to be networked into our client contacts in a confidential and discrete manner.

Your partners at Management Advisors Executive Search are comprised of veteran business leaders and specialists with profound knowledge of your industry and proven track records of executive search success. You will see the difference first hand.

Finding the next optimum career opportunity while gainfully employed is difficult at best. Our networking process is customized to match your specific career objectives and direction. We quickly identify the top opportunities in your industry that are best suited to meet your needs.

Management Advisors Executive Search represents its clients and candidates in a confidential and respectful manner. We believe in Equal Opportunity for all, regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, handicap or sexual orientation. The staffing policies and practices of Management Advisors Executive Search regarding our organization, our clients and our candidates are fully non-discriminatory.